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This is a story I took great lengths to write and make especially better changes to my writing style and is a little different than my usual massively oversized characters.
By Moridin45/cyberstar/Caine
This story is from WG Story Post and is not to be posted anywhere without the writer’s (Moridin45) explicit permission. And now, enjoy the story.

Striding back into the living room, with a bag of Doritos in hand, Helen plops herself down in front of her TV on the couch. Now Helen was a spectacular girl, almost 100% grades in all her classes throughout high school and college, she worked as an attorney at B.F.M. and Law, a moderate law firm. Most would say she was cute and pretty good-looking. She had wavy brown hair just below her shoulders, nice smooth black skin, large perky boobs which were B-cup in size, and a nice narrow waist, but her lower half was a little disproportioned, she was bottom heavy. It wasn’t a huge ass, but it was quite large, at least on her frame. And her legs looked accommodated to carrying the weight. This was caused by a genetic disorder she was born with, most medicines could do nothing to help but she used a couple to prevent it from getting worse. This left her happy, and satisfied with her life except at the office. If it wasn’t for her ass, she would have been a knock out but as the say, fate plays cruel games.
Laughing joyously at the episode of family guy she was watching she got a phone call, putting her chips down she went to answer it. “Hello?” Helen asked “Helen dear, its me, your Mom.” Came her mothers voice, “Oh momma, how are you? Doing well I hope?” Helen replied “I’m fit as a fiddle, but its not me I’m calling about, its your sister, she wants to intern at your office, but she’s a little scared to ask so I took the liberty to do so myself.” Her mother said, biting her lip, Helen struggled in her mind to see if it would be a problem. “I’ll check, but I’ll need to call you tomorrow, sound good?” Helen asked, her mother answered “Sounds wonderful, I’ll send your sister right away. Oh, one more thing, I just got a note from your sisters doctor, apparently your sweet ‘little’ sister Susan isn’t so little anymore, and she’s having more difficulties. So she’ll look different from when you last saw her.” And with that hung up. Wondering what her mother meant she shrugged in confusion and went back to family guy.

The next day, Helen got up as usual to go shower but right before she could step in the doorbell rang to her apartment. Looking through the peephole, her sister was standing there ready for work too. “Hey!” Helen cried opening the door, “Susan you look amazing, wow, I would love to chat but I need to go shower, so make yourself at home and do whatever till I’m out okay?” Helen said heading back to her shower, “Okay.” Susan said quietly.
Helen showered as quick as she could to get back out so she could explain to her sister how her office worked on their way over. Getting dressed in her nice black dress, cut just above the knees she put on her stockings and tied her hair in a bun on the top back of her head. Coming out she looked ready to leave while her sister was simply watching TV while eating some eggs. “I hope you don’t mind, I was hungry so I made some scrambled eggs. There’s enough for you too if you want some, oops.” She said giggling as a piece had fallen on her expansive chest, Helen knew those huge lumps were 55 JJ, sighing she wished her sister wore something that was a little more, discreet, she knew how her male co-workers would act as soon as they saw her. Susan was a near image of her sister, just a shade darker than Helen’s skin and a hand shorter, but a little smarter. Susan too had a similar medical problem akin to Helen’s but hers had nothing to do with the butt, hers were the breasts. She took the same medication as Helen and kept them in check like that. The two black sisters were quite a pair and left shortly after Helen finished eating

Somewhere in an abandoned warehouse, sinister groups of people were planning something dastardly. “I know it looks crazy and suicidal but we can pull it off, all we need are 10 hostages. 20 men of the security squad out of 50 are on our payroll, 17 of them are on duty when we do this out of the thirty on, we couldn’t get a better timing than this, the shifts are given irregularly so they can’t predict when all 20 are on, so this is the best time.” The leader said. “I still say this is a foolish move, we should strike when no one is in there, and get out with the loot.” Another voice said “Ok, how about this, we’ll strike right after the lunch hour comes most of the workers leave to eat, that gives us plenty of time to get what we need, stop any stragglers from seeing us there and preventing anyone from contacting the authorities. Sound good?” He got a complete set of grumbled agreements.

As Helen entered the building showing her access card, she got a guest card for her sister so she could navigate the more open areas of the building but not the restricted places for employees only. Helen sighed as Susan made no attempt to hide her huge boobs but tried to make it seem unnoticeable as best as possible next to her older sister. As they got in the elevator a voice called out “Hold it please!” came a cry, Helen grinning to herself held it open still showing her back to him while using her backside to keep the elevator doors open “Thanks hon., you’re the greatest.” The man said addressing Helen’s ass before looking up in her face. “Hi Helen, you’re butt is so kind to hold the door for me.” Helen chuckled in spite of herself “Well then its got more than one use now, it can serve as padding on a chair or a door/elevator stopper.” Craning his head he finally took notice of the new girl behind her. “Ah who is this lady Helen? Don’t be rude, introduce us.”
Giving him her ‘you’d better behave’ look she turned to Susan and said “Susan dear, this is Craig, one of my office boys and good friend. Craig this is my sister Susan, and she might possibly apply here for a job. I’m showing her a typical day here, but I got all my cases done earlier in the week, is there anything left?”
Craig scratched his, “Well, I do have some stuff I can show her. You interested in some prenuptial agreement, and divorce papers?” He asked Susan, she looked to Helen who nodded and said, “Sure, lead the way.” And off they went, Helen knew Craig wasn’t dumb enough to try anything but you never know what can happen on a Thursday.

Meanwhile our mysterious assailants were getting ready to invade. “This is team two, we are in position waiting for green light.” Came a female voice, “Team 5 ready and waiting for green light.” Came a male’s voice, “Team 3 in position waiting for green light.” Came a second male’s voice. And from there they waited, a squawking came over all head sets as team one radioed team 4. “Team four, are you in position?” Came their leaders voice “Team four this lead team, are you green?” The leader asked impatiently. A squawking came over the radio then “This is team 4 we are red, I repeat red. We have civilians in our room. We cannot enter yet. We will back up in case of an emergency.” Came a second female’s voice. Grumbling obscenities under his breath the leader replied, “Alright, lead team will be going in, team 4 will be hitting for the target. Alright, all teams move in.”

“Here’s where we keep all files from all cases till we can move them to the computer from these files. From here we take them to the basement for storage.” Craig said “Got anything on your mind on anything yet?” he asked. Susan simply sauntered down the isle idly picking up random folders and scanning them. “These are a little boring, is there anything more interesting to see?” Susan complained swinging round on Craig, he almost lost his head there while her hest swung round and bounced from side to side as she advanced on him. Bringing her dark face to his, Craig got a really good look at her flawless black skin, and beautiful face, he almost reached down to kiss her, fortunately he was also given a direct view into her cleavage which looked expansive from his view. “Wuh-wu-well, we uh, um, have some, *gulp* more interesting ones in the storage that I could show you he said startled from the dark look she gave him as she stared into his face. “Great!” Susan said brightly “Lets go.” And she dragged Craig to the elevator who was too stunned anything as his arm was now up against Susan’s cleavage as she held his arm the whole way.
“I do hope they don’t do anything stupid.” Helen muttered at her desk, adjusting her skirts again for the fifth time in 20 minutes she looked at her seat, nothing seemed out of the ordinary and she felt a little, crammed in. with an attempt to ignore her discomfort she poured her whole attention into her work.

Looking in the window, the leader for Team 4 saw a black woman sitting in her chair with clear discomfort on her face. Looking in she saw that the woman’s black dress was getting a strain from her backside, the fabric seemed tight on her large backside. Sneering at her she thought ‘Man, what a cow. Good thing I’d never let that happen to me.” Looking her over one last time she noticed also that the stockings too were a little overstretched. “This is team four, what’s the status?” a burst of static came then “We are nearly at the target. Hold your position and get ready in case we need a distraction.” The woman for team 4 growled her displeasure but replied “Just hurry it up okay? I want this done A.S.A.P.”

Craig and Susan finally reached the bottom floor of the building and entered the basement where all paper files were stored so as to be out of the way. “Wow, there’s so many. I never expected so much down here…” Susan said taking it all in. Craig stuck his hands in his pockets and shrugged at her “Well, there is 50 years behind our firm and that’s a long time to store up a lot of cases.” He said, looking at Susan, Craig found it strange that she nearly blended in with the darkness before the lights further from the elevator went on.
“This so cool, Craig.” She said excitedly, she went off further down, and before he could stop her she ran around a corner, bouncing the whole way. “Susan, come back here, you’ll get lost unless you stay with me, and it’s a maze unless you know where to go.” Craig called out to her. Getting no reply he sighed irritably and went after her, as he rounded the corner of the file case he found himself face to face with 4 gun muzzles and a bound, gagged, and drugged Susan.

Helen tapped her fingers as she stared blankly at her computer screen, wondering what Craig and Susan could possibly be doing. Feeling a bit of discomfort in her chair she decided to get up and wander and see what some of her co-workers were doing.
A few minutes later found herself in the lounge with her boss and good friend, Celina. “Helen, ah I’ve been wanting to speak to you.” Her boss, George Ramsey, said. Ramsey was a Caucasian guy about 6” even and a slim wiry build, he was in very good shape for a 58 year old man. Celina was about the same age as Helen but was Latina and had a very nicely shaped body that most men love but hid it well with business dresses that didn’t look at all revealing and gave her a ‘fat’ look.
“What is it Ramsey?” Helen asked him “Well, I’ve been hearing that you brought someone that Craig is showing around the building. Also that she’s your sister, and wants to possibly work here.” George said. Helen’s breath caught in her throat, she couldn’t tell what Ramsey was getting at. “Is that a problem sir?” She asked politely, “Well gosh darn it, no, it isn’t. As a matter of fact, we might actually want her here.” Helen’s mind took a moment or two to register what her boss just said, Susan, working with her. “Well sir that might be real nice…” Helen responded, “Perfect!” Ramsey said, “Now all we need to do is see what she’s qua-ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” George cried as the two ladies sprang up from their seats to help their boss, they saw what he was shouting all about. “Ladies if you will come into the corridor with your hands on your head and drop down to your knees, you will be left unharmed.” Came a cold voice from a man in a mask with three others all pointing weapons at them.

Half an hour later with all the bosses helping them, the intruders got all the employees rounded up in the cafeteria. Inside, all the initial groups were caught at the start were still in a drugged state, which numbered around 23 people. Helen, Craig, Susan, Ramsey, and Celina were among those drugged; the other 37 non-drugged employees were simply sitting at tables eating something while nervously glancing at their captors.
Unknowingly one of the workers managed to get in a call to 911 before getting caught. When the masked assailants found her, all they could do was stare at the phone and hang it up while reporting in the latest twist of events.

“Well, what the fuck do you want to do now?” Said the female from earlier on Team two said, “You claimed this was going to be an easy snatch and extraction, now we have police and firemen outside blocking all exits now! I know someone here either tripped an alarm or one of these shit-heels pulled the alarm, Coracin!” The woman said heatedly outside the room where their hostages couldn’t hear the lieutenants arguing with their leader. “Halima, we are going to pull this off successfully, they have no idea how many we are altogether. To make sure we get away with the target, half of us will be staying inside and out of sight while the second half makes their way out through the basement and meets up with Team 4 and gets smoothly away.” Coracin said icily, “Now if it will make you feel better you can lead the team leaving under stealth with the target once its secure, while I and Cyber-shift stay.” Halima just grunted, she wasn’t 100% satisfied but was content for now.

Two and a half hours later. “Ooooooh, ow, ow, ow, ow! Ach, my head…” Susan moaned as she slowly got up from the floor. As she struggled to pull herself up into a chair she felt herself bump the side of it as she pulled herself onto it and rested her head down on the table she felt herself reach it a little sooner than expected but didn’t think anything of it. And rested her head on her arms and bosom as it poled on the table. Helen didn’t fair much better like all the other drugged victims and moaned as she too got into a chair and tried to sit only she found it hard to get comfortable in it. As she wiggled around she heard Ramsey say, “Oh god, ugh, what in blazes did they do to us?” He asked in a hazed state. No one answered him, “Can someone bring me an aspirin and a glass of water? My head is splitting and my mouth’s parched.” He complained one of the other female co-workers; the office ‘nurse’ clicked her tongue and had several people get a few pitchers of water while she went to scrounge up some aspirin.
Five minutes later they all had a glass of water and were drinking greedily. It was another fifteen before anyone found some aspirin. There was enough for only 14 of them, Ramsey took one saying since he was a boss he automatically got one, the men that got hit, were willing to allow the ladies first and flipped coins to see who got leftovers.
“Ah, now that’s a hell of a lot better, how you holdin’ up sis?” Susan said, Helen replied, “Better now that infernal headache is gone, Celina you okay too?” Celina nodded her head but seemed to be focused on something else. “What in heaven’s name do these people want?” Susan moaned in horror looking to Helen for an answer that only shrugged her shoulders and said “I have no clue, they could be after anything for all we know.”

“This is Leader one, what’s the retrieval status?” Coracin asked into his mike “We have a visual, locking in on the target and going in to secure.” Came the first male’s voice from earlier. “Good, secure it and haul out with Team 2, Team 3 and lead will remain behind to buy you all enough time to exit quietly. From this point out, its comm. silence unless it’s an emergency, you all know the drill lets get to it.” With that, Coracin signed off.

“Helen, you look, different, are you having an allergic reaction to anything?” Helen blinked at her slim friend as she registered what she said “What? Oh no, I’ve got no allergies what so ever Celina. Why do you ask?” Helen said, Celina just shrugged and began staring off at the guarded door. Getting up from her seat felt harder than usual for Helen, she simply chalked it up to the drugs and shambled over to Susan. “Sis, anything wrong?” She asked Susan glanced at her in fright “Can we talk out of earshot of the others?” She said just above a whisper. Helen nodded and they went off into a corner.
“What’s up with those two?” Craig said as he walked over holding his head, “Still under the effects?” Celina asked gleefully “Yes, now can I get an update?” Craig asked, “Oh fine, it seems the esteemed sisters are developing some, growing problems. But they haven’t noticed yet.” Celina said. “I have no clue as to what she’s talking about and she won’t explain a darn thing to me.” Ramsey said. Craig blinked and turned his attention to the arguing sisters in the back.
“I’m telling you I’m getting bigger!” Susan said fiercely, “Look at my cleavage!” she whispered heatedly “It’s deeper and wider than before and I can really feel the weight of them, ugh, they really are heavier…” Susan moaned, Helen could only keep her hands folded in front of her and replied in a low voice “You’re just imagining it! Those drugs they hit us with must still be affecting you; otherwise you wouldn’t be this whiney or make up such things. I know for a fact that you take the same medication as me in the morning to prevent your disorder from getting the best of you. Like me, I take it to keep my lower half from ballooning out!” Helen said fiercely back placing her hands on her hips she was about to continue her lecture of Susan’s wild imagination when her hands landed on her sides, the material felt quite strained.

“Lead Team, this is Team 3, we have the target, exiting with team 2 and now commencing comm silence.” With a bleet like sound they clicked off, “There, now all we have to do is play the waiting game with these officers and try to figure another way out while they try to get in and rescue our poor ‘hostages’.” Coracin said, “Cyber, what’s the status outside?” Cyber turned to face him, face mask obscuring all details of face but his emotions leaked through his voice. “We now have a confirmed 14 police vehicles and 3 fire trucks, and now 4 TV news stations.” Cyber-shift said, “What’s the plan of action lead?” He asked, “Well for now, let’s check on our guests.” Coracin replied
Looking in through the window he first analyzed how all the people were acting and gauged what the most appropriate response should be. Deciding he opened the doors flanked by his team with two of Cyber’s men at the door weapons raised, while Coracin’s team entered at ease. “Good afternoon all,” Coracin began “I’m pleased to inform you that the police are outside and probably wanting to negotiate. As a sign of good faith we have selected 10 of you to be released so as to keep them out for a while longer. Otherwise we will begin a needless killing. Any questions?” He finished a middle-aged man; possibly the one in charge got up and in a strained voice said, “I demand that you release me first! Also, what in heavens name do you want from us? We’re only a simple practiced law firm!” He said, Coracin nodded and replied “Your name?” This took the man aback a bit “My name? I’m George Ramsey, and…” He trailed off as Coracin pulled a gun.
“Now you may think you can get what you want but know this, I’m in charge, I make the rules, and no one better bother me or my men about what they ‘want’, understood?” he got silence with a few nodding heads. “Now” he continued “Those 3 ladies over at that table, the 4 gentlemen in the back, and the three of you right there in the corner, with us.” All ten people that were called hesitantly got up and walked over to him. And left the room under the guard of two men. “We’ll be checking in on you shortly, in the meantime, please don’t try to escape or be a pain in the ass, I have a low tolerance for fools, and I’m sure none of you wants to find out what I do to fools.” And with that they all left.

Helen, Susan, Celina, and a fish-mouthed George, watched the ten people leave, among them was Craig, he shrugged his shoulders when he saw Helen glaring at him as he left. “Ugh, those masks were creepy, the looked like those one way mirrors. I get chills thinking about it.” Susan said quietly, Helen barely registered what she said as she examined herself, finding some strange results. “Susan, I’m starting to think that you’re breasts getting bigger might not be so far fetched…” Helen said in a scared voice.

Celina could only stare for moments before turning her head away, but she was certain that something was going on with the two black sisters. “George, do you really think they’ll let us live? I mean, what do you think. We’re essentially prisoners here and have been kept in here for hours! When will they release us?” Celina asked him, “Of that, I have no clue. Hmm, its 6:24, I should be having dinner soon. I usually eat dinner by around 6:30, Well, lets see what we can create using the facilities and foodstuffs we have available.” Ramsey said getting up he began walking to the kitchen.
“Hey, where in blazes do you think you’re going?” One of the guards called to Ramsey poking his head in. The bald man turned and said, “I intend to get myself and co-workers some supper. Or do you intend to let us starve? We can’t go anywhere from the kitchen, it’s a large room only with a freezer and all its facilities can be seen from the cafeteria.” And with that, he continued on into the back.
Pulling his head out, the guard turned to his comrade in arms and said “Y’know, he makes a good point, lets check in with Coracin when we get the chance and see if we can get some food.”

“Now, watch when a master chef prepares the meal!” Ramsey said, “He can take almost anything and make it very appetizing. Can you see if anyone out there has any cooking skills Celina?” He asked her nicely. Sighing Celina went to the cafeteria to see who else could assist with the meal making. “Can anyone else out here make a decent meal? Ramsey needs some people with cooking skills.” Celina announced. “No, that’s it. We’ll deal with it later, right now I’m going to help Ramsey and that’s that!” Susan growled loudly, and marched into the kitchen to help Ramsey, a moment or two later got a few more people got up to help also.
“So what’s up with her?” Celina said as she walked over to Helen. Shaking her head she answered “Family issues.” Helen put it simply, “You wouldn’t happen to know if we’ve got some Terraquil or Sindozen would you?” Helen asked, “We don’t carry those kinds of medicine,” Celina said in a quiet voice as she continued, “Do you both have a medical problem of sorts? Maybe I can help you out, I’ve seen how uptight you and your sister are…” Helen jut shook her head “No, there’s nothing you can do, as long as my sister and I are here we’re gonna have problems that’s not going away till we leave. So there is really nothing you can do.” Shifting in her seat she fidgeted for a few moments till she sighed and just tried to stay put. “Well, if there is nothing I can actually do to help you, at least let me be here as a friend.” Celina said as she took Helen’s hand in hers and squeezed.
“Susan, my oh my, you are quite excellent at culinary arts. Alright people we’re nearly done, all we need to now is wait and get all the silverware and plates out for us all then we can get everyone so we can eat.” Ramsey said one of the other ladies that weren’t busy went out to tell everyone. “Susan? What is the matter and please don’t mind me, I might be able to help.” Ramsey said while he had everyone else takes all the food out. “Its nothing really, don’t you worry about it, I’ll be able to take care of it once I get home.” Susan said smiling.

“Report?” Coracin said as he walked up to the cafeteria guards to check in on them. “They’ve been behaving well, and they made a dinner meal. They offered for us too, seeing as how we’re stuck in here till we are invaded by S.W.A.T. or FBI. So we’ve been waiting for you to get an ok. They only began eating 10 minutes ago.” Coracin had walked up to the glass to look in, he saw all the hostages eating or getting more food. “Alright, I’ll send four of the other s to come in and get some food, 2 will replace you and you’ll get a meal, make it easy we might need to do some running on the way out. Wait till the others come, we have nine men here so we should eat in shifts.” The men saluted as he walked off.

Everyone was digging in except for Helen whom was starting to feel self conscious of her ass. As far as she could tell, the fabric of her skirt seemed to be holding up but was very uncomfortable from all her new excess weight. Reaching down and feeling the left side or herself, she was feeling more like a sausage than anything else with her legs crammed together and getting larger every moment, unlike her sister who wouldn’t have too much of a downside in her opinion with a much larger chest. Glancing over at Susan Helen began to wonder, how much of this was Susan enjoying.
Susan was beginning to feel in pain, her lower back was hurting a little and her breasts were getting pretty heavy. Pulling her jacket closer to hide them, it was getting more and more futile as the guys were beginning to notice and almost every lady there had it figured out. Looking at Helen’s downcast face she saw how worried her sister was over her over sized ass and sausage thighs crammed into her skirt.
Glancing down her neckline, her cavernous cleavage was blatantly obvious for her despite her covering it all up. She felt as though she had two water balloons slowly inflating on her front, the weight slowly keeping her from moving too much. She knew her sister was getting some satisfaction out of her misery, when suddenly the doors opened at the end of the hall admitting four of their captors, all in their full gear, reflective masks still on.

Coracin looked at all the captives as they stopped talking and all looked to him and his men; he simply glanced around at them. “Ladies and gentlemen, my men and I are going to take you all up on your generous offer and have part of this meal ourselves, only we won’t be dining with you, all of us will come in and get some chow and leave, along with your guards. I thank you for making a meal, otherwise we would have had to make an order from some local pizza place as part of our demands.” He said with a chuckle “Thank you all and we are very close to setting up with the police a transfer, you’re safety and freedom for ours out of here.” And with that, they moved on the food each took enough to satisfy him for a while and left, soon all the rest followed suit over the period of thirty minutes, by which time almost everyone was done.

“So, what do you think is so amazing about this item?” The male leader of Team 2 said, “We have no information on this thing, only that it’s of extreme importance to our employer.” Walking up to him, the leader of Team 4 snatched it out of his hands, “Well, if you’re so goddamn curious lets take a look, shall we?” She said as she began unwrapping their prize. “Wait, Coracin said not to open it unless our employer was within eyesight of it Mesaana!” He cried, most of the teams nodded and growled their agreement. “I’m sick of waiting and I want to know why this thing is so valuable!” She fumed at him. Quickly tearing off the wrapping, she uncovered a purple lacquered box with amazing carvings unlike anyone had ever seen. “Wow…” Mesaana said quietly she brought it to the front, her fingers reached for the golden latch.
The latch was made of what seemed liquid gold and silver and seemed to almost move as though alive, carefully she opened it and peered inside. Resting in a well-made groove was a small jade carving of an extremely large Bhuda. Unlike the others people are used to seeing, this one was overly fat, with it pouring all over in the carving of it, and it was a female, not a fat guy. “We went and stole a fake knock off of Bhuda?!?” Mesaana screeched, reaching in she placed the box on a table next to her weapons and started showing it around and complaining the whole time. “This is the last straw, as soon as I get my pay, I’m out of this little merc group! Argh, what a complete waste time, this thing is worthless! The box might be good for something but this is only worth its weight in Jade!” She ranted in a rage.
Suddenly a burst of light emanated from the statuette and Mesaana was bathed in a green glow and it was suddenly gone. “What in blood and bloody ashes just happened she screamed, The Team 2 leader, Halima, was backing a little from her and said “Mesaana, what in bleedin gods have you done? She demanded in a quiet deadly voice.
“How should I know, all I know is that this thing is really strange and I want no more part of it.” As she placed it back in the case. As she lowered the case she turned to find every mirrored mask of her companions looking at her “What’s wrong now?” she demanded in a quietly scared voice.

Helen, Susan, Celina, Ramsey and everyone else were getting real tired and wanting their ordeal over soon, it was approaching midnight as they waited for the negotiations to be finished. “Are we ever getting out of here?” Susan moaned clutching herself with clasped hands. Her front had grown considerably over 3 and a half hours and she was now sporting a couple of volley balls on her front barely concealed by her jacket and being gawked at by most of the males there.
Helen sitting beside her on the floor shrugged, her bottom was getting ridiculously large and had begun to tear along the seams. Sitting down on the floor was the only option for her titanic tush, seeing as how she had outgrown all the cafeteria chairs.
Helen knew it was going to be hell finding new pants and panties by the time they were released. Suddenly three of their captors entered and stopped about 5 to 6 feet from the door weapons at ready but not leveled at anyone.
“Alright, we’ve reached an accord with the police, but nothing is going happen until dawn. Also, we told the police we would leave you unharmed for them if they gave us safe passage out and sent in one of their own unarmed just to make sure we uphold our end of the bargain.” Coracin said looking at everyone with his mask reflecting them all in it and getting no questions he continued. “So to make sure everyone feels fresh in the morning for all the news people, we’re going to give you all a good nights sleep.” And suddenly he and the two flanking guards each grabbed a round, and strange looking grenade and pull the pin, and tossing them conveniently at each part of the room, front, back, and middle, everyone was coughing and sputtering and slowly they all fell unconscious.

Six hours later, one man was sent to check on all their captives to make sure they were all out like a light. As he patrolled through, prodding and poking, he came across the sisters, and what he saw shook him to the core. Quickly he bolted out and ran calling for Coracin.
Following his man, Coracin stopped him just outside the cafeteria and said, “Are you sure about this? No one just ‘grows’ fat in a matter of hours. Its scientifically impossible.” But the man replied “Well and impossibility just became a reality, just look for yourself.” He pleaded, sighing Coracin entered and went to the back where his troop directed him and found his jaw dropping in amazement and little did that to him any more.
Removing his mask slowly, to get a better view, he held the sight before nothing short of remarkable. One woman, had beach-balls on her chest, resting next to one another on the floor, and the other woman upon whom she rested had the most inflated backside of any woman he had ever seen. She looked to be resting on two beach balls herself. “I have no idea what in hot staggering fuck has happened but we’d better get our policeman in here to verify that we did nothing to them to harm the hostages.” Coracin said. “Oh, and please tell all the others to get ready to abandon the building and ready to leave.” As he donned his mask again and left the room.

Groggily, Helen came to as she came out of her stupor. Sporting another headache much like the one she had last time she was knocked unconscious. Looking around the room, she felt elevated, higher than before she went to sleep. Looking over at her sister though she got a huge shock when she did. Susan was sporting two basketballs on her front, sagging in away on her, not as perky as they used to be but vastly larger. Susan’s top had ripped apart from the sheer size of her boobs and they spilled all over her seeming to pin her down.
“Su!” Helen cried as she tried to wake her sister, shaking her by the shoulder. She still got no response, Helen began to shake her a little more furiously and suddenly lost her grip as her sisters new weights pulled her in the opposite direction and she slumped to the floor on top of her new boobs.
In a vain attempt Helen tried to reach over to her but her newly expanded rear and thighs made it difficult. Grunting Helen rocked her body from side to side in an attempt to get to her knees, after six minutes of grunting and rocking she got her left thigh over her right.
Next she tried to move into a crawling position, which took almost no time at all, since she soon discovered her muscles weren’t yet affected by her new growth. “Okay girl,” she panted to herself “you can do it!” and she shoved herself backwards to get up and found herself bouncing back! Helen glanced behind herself and suddenly realized why, her short dress and skin tight pantyhose were limiting her movements now immensely even though they were ripped open in several places.
A sudden course of groaning came from behind her, and in terror she realized her co-workers were coming around. Susan too began to stir but not as fast, acting completely dazed and confused. “Helen?” She began “Helen, where are you, why does my front feel so cold and heavy? Also, why am I on the floor and not in bed?” She asked in delirium. Helen got a second shock; her sister seemed to have lost her memory and was acting like she had last time she had rolled out of bed by mistake. “Helen? Oh my god, is that you?” Came a familiar voice? Celina came into her line of sight after walking around her newly expanded rear. “There is a good explanation for this…” Helen said nervously as she glanced over to see the familiarity of their situation coming to Susan once more. “Well, looks like the sisters compete over more than just who can do better than the other.” George said

“Wait you don’t understand!” Helen cried “You don’t know what’s wrong with us!” She stammered, and before she could say anything else Celina out a hand a hand to her mouth and said “Shush, don’t worry we all know what has happened.” She stated seriously, Helen and now Susan stared at them bug eyed. “Those bastards used some sort of new drug of some sort on you as though you were lab rats!!! Argh, this sort of thing makes me so angry!” Celina growled as she stomped her foot and made violent hand motions as though strangling someone. Then it hit Helen, she thought the Terrorists had done this to her and her sister.

After getting a little help from a few of the stronger office guys left, they managed to get Helen seated in two chairs comfortably, one for each swollen cheek seeing now that when they tried to help her into one, she was so wide now when sitting that she slid off to the side from her own sheer weight causing the entire floor to shake! Soon one guy brought two more of the chairs over seeing as how she had caused the side she had slid off on to crack pretty badly.
Susan was a different story altogether, she would accept help only from the ladies and they all understood why. Soon they got her at a table sitting across from her sister with her new pillows spread out before her, on the table away from her body they longer seemed as big but they now they were covered in a table cloth. Su’s shirt had ripped entirely open in the process of moving her just off the floor.
“Hey has anyone seen or heard from our captors?” Ramsey said nervously, Suddenly everyone was milling about it, there should have been someone there to be checking in because of all the commotion but not a soul had come in.
As Ramsey walked to the door, Helen watched him along with everyone else except for Susan whose breasts were preventing her from twisting to far around. “What the-“ He said as he stuck his head out the door after opening it. “They’re all gone.” He said bewildered, motioning he began to creep out with everyone beginning to follow him. Celina and a couple of other women helped Susan and Helen move due to their new weight’s and unknown center of gravity, Helen managed to stay on her feet on her own after reaching the door but Susan couldn’t get anywhere without someone holding up one of her breasts. She needed three other women to help her due to her size and their consistency. Susan’s breasts felt engorged in fat but moved as though filled with water making holding one difficult.
“Don’t worry dear, nearly there…” Grunted one of the women struggling with her right breast, she was attempting to keep her left one up with the aide of another woman. “Its okay ladies,” She said “just leave me at a place where I can sit and hold these in my lap and I can wait for help.” She pleaded trying to allow them to not have to share her burden. “Dear, we can’t, ugh, just leave you here.” The one helping her with her left breast said. “Yeah, those bastards will pay for doing this to you.” The second woman on her right side said. All Susan could do was lower her head and control the weeping she would have started.

“Hey gals!” Ramsey called, “I’ve got an idea, just wait there for a moment.” He said as they were walking past his office. He came out a few seconds later, his office chair in tow. “I think her idea before was good but being able to be taken out without any backbreaking labor will be much easier don’t you think?” He said smiling as he rolled the nice executive chair behind her. Slowly she eased down and got a hold of her front enough to hold it on her lap.
Glancing down at her sister Helen said “Well, at least you’re not a ‘little’ sister to me anymore.” She chuckled; Susan just looked at her blankly and turned her head forward towards the others.
“Mind if I push her? I’ll need something to help keep me balanced.” Helen said taking the back of the chair, as she rolled it down the hall. Waddling her way with the chair, it made it much easier for her to walk.
As the group of them got to the elevator they still had no sighting of any of their captors. Ramsey had punched the elevator button by the time Helen had wheeled her sister over to the crowd of co-workers. “Oh, whew.” She wheezed “This weight is going to make me lazy if I don’t get it under control soon.” Susan looked at her over her shoulder, “Well, speak for yourself, now I need a surgery reduction or I’m never going to be able to walk again, I mean, look at my boobs! They can pin me down and I can barely move one on my own. As though to emphasize her point she tried to jiggle her breasts but got almost no effect from the shoulder shaking. “Well then, at least you know big boobs aren’t as nice as you thought they might be.” Helen said with a chuckle.

Celina watched as the sisters were arguing over their predicament, she overheard a couple of the more stuck up ladies talking. “God, I always knew she had a big rear but now there’s more of it than her.” One said, “Another giggled softly “Heh heh, she might need a sign put on the back saying wide load when she walks backwards.” And the jokes kept on coming; Celina walked up and smacked the nearest one over the head with her hand.
“OW! What the hell was that for you bitch?!?” the girl shrieked, Celina stood calmly and waited while the girl simmered down from her ranting. After a minute of non-stop yelling and everyone’s attention on them, Celina calmly gave her a full handed slap on her face shocking her utterly. “How would you like to have people make fun of you? Do you enjoy this public humiliation? I do, you do not make fun of my friends, understood? Want me to put a sign on you that say's ‘gold digger’? Oh please, almost every other girl here knows you just want to get set for life and marry one of the rich old men here. So shut it or god help me I will do this again.” And with that walked over to the sisters.

“Celina, you didn’t have to…” Helen began Celina raised her hand and said “Don’t worry about it, If they had done this privately then it wouldn’t have been and issue and besides, I like to stand up for my friends. It lets them know I care.” Susan looked up at her and said “Really? You consider me a friend?” and Celina laughed “Yes I do, I mean, you’re Helen’s little sister. You can’t be that bad.” She said with a laugh.
A resounding ding came from the elevator as it hit their floor and all heads swiveled towards it, “Alright people lets slowly board and-” and sudden voice cut through him “Everyone on the floor with their hands on their heads!! Now, now, now!” Came a shout with a do-not-argue tone in it. Suddenly a small can was flung into the room over the workers heads as they dropped to the floor. As the can flew through the air it landed with a hollow thud and seconds later a loud fwump.
Inside the elevator as the doors opened fully to six fully equipped S.W.A.T. men, they had their guns leveled when they realized there was no smoke. “Hey, Mortenson, did you lob that smoke grenade?” The captain asked, “Yes sir.” Mortenson “Then where the devil is the smoke, and who are these people? Are they the hostages?” An aged man on the floor with a balding head looked up from behind his glasses said, “Yes we are, and, captain was it? Well, we were on our way out.” The guy said. “You George Ramsey?” The captain asked Ramsey looked at him and said “Yes I am, why?” The captain hauled him up and said “We got a tip off that you might have been and inside man. We’re placing you in our custody for now, and the rest of you get up and we’ll get you out of here. Mortenson you find that grenade yet?” The Captain Bellowed
“”Captain, I think we know where the grenade might be.” Came a woman’s voice from the back, the captain moved through the crowd and found Mortenson staring at what he saw as an incredible sight. One lady was seated in an office chair with what looked like bean bags attached to her chest and another standing behind her with a bottom that could only be said to be cartoonish in proportions.
The One standing with the huge ass said “Umm, right before you guys got everyone up a little smoke started coming up from my sisters, well, cleavage canyon. We think the grenade landed in there.” The big boobed one blushed and said, “You want me to fish it out?” Shyly the captain could only nod dumb founded as the overly endowed girl turned away to fish it out. Even though she was a black girl she was hot as fuck and with tits like those she could have almost any man she wanted and he knew he wanted her.
Turning around and still showing her cleavage but covered a little better she handed him the crumpled frame of the grenade. With his mouth in open shock he took it from her hand and just stared at it and then her. “Well, they aren’t full of air you know, just me and all natural. So they do weigh a lot.” She blushed as she said that.
The woman behind her with the large behind said “Su, don’t-“ but the one sitting cut her off. “What? They’re not yours and I can talk about my body any way I would like. It’s the same as though you talked about your ass.” She said, the standing one looked ready to fume but fortunately the captain managed to cut in. “Ladies, why don’t we do this once we’re out of the building, okay?” Looking at him they the standing one shrugged and the sitting one said, “Sounds fine to me.”
An hour later as everyone was getting escorted to an ambulance or some reporter swarming them, Helen and Susan were still trying to get out of the building. “See Susan? I did say your oversized pillows would hinder you more than anything.” As they descended the stairs, Susan only looked over her shoulder at her and stuck out her tongue, it took about another two hours before they got out of the stairwell and into the lobby. Swinging her legs around one another still, Helen knew how embarrassed she was going feel in front of everyone. Wide ass, hard time walking, she looked like a joke; every step brought a wave of jiggling across her lower body of her dark flesh. Putting a hand on her behind she was actually surprised at how soft it really was.
It didn’t feel thick or tough but doughy in a way and her hand sunk into it easily almost making a print of it. Looking at her sister, Helen knew then that Susan’s breasts might have been enormous but they were most likely as soft as her ass. Chuckling at the thought that between the two of them they had four natural pillows or cushions no matter how soft they were, they would be similar to gold, soft but heavy.
“Hey Susan, what do you think happened to our captors?” Helen asked her as they were led out. “Who knows, hopefully we’ll never see them again! Oh god I don’t think I can stand to get larger.” And with that they were jostled out into an ambulance waiting for them and taken to the nearest hospital.

Coracin with his other seven men had finally managed to get to the rendezvous point after an hour-long chase and several hours of hiding. Walking in, he found almost all of his team gathered together watching the news. “Our top story for this week or maybe the year” The Anchorman said “Is the bizarre occurrence of a sudden size change in two young ladies who appear to have grown obscenely fatter, each in a specific area, during the time this happened they were held hostage in their office building while the kidnappers tried to ransom for them….”trailing off as Coracin tuned him out. “Well, is the package secure?” He asked one of the other team leaders. “Yes sir, but theirs a slight, problem, in getting it now…” Coracin looked at him and said, “What do you mean?” he asked with a sharp edge to his voice.
Glancing around the room he suddenly asked coldly and quietly, “Where’s Mesaana? I will know or people will start dying before I find and kill her.” One of Mesaana’s team lifted a finger and pointed to the back room and turned to the TV again watching the sisters behemoth forms get rolled into the ambulance and all the while jiggling for it.
Coracin scowled and said, “All right men, lets see what dear old Mesaana has been up to.” And he stalked to the door like a predator to prey. “Mesaana! What in blood and bloody ashes have you done?!?” Coracin bellowed as he approached the door.
“Please leave it closed! Don’t come in, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll hit you!” He heard the woman cry from inside. “I’m coming in and nothing you can do will stop me.” Coracin growled at her.
Trying the handle he found the door locked, so instead of demanding she open it he simply backed up a few steps. The door being made of wood easily shattered open with his boot heel smashing it open.
Once open he found the lights to be off but he could tell there Mesaana was trying to hide something or hide behind something to prevent from being caught. Feeling for the switch he flicked the lights on and his jaw simply dropped. Before him stood a massively obese woman who shamefully tried to hide her face from him and cover her oversized body in vain.
“Mesaana?” He asked perplexed “what happened…?” suddenly her massive form began to shake and she burst out crying, one of the coldest women he knew, crying.
Turing he growled at the rest of those who with her “What in hot staggering fuck happened to her?”
All the others just shrugged till his glower got Mesaana’s second to cringe and say, “She, well, she opened the box.” Coracin just stared at his obese partner in amazement. Now that she had come out of the room and he was getting over the shock he finally got a chance to take her in completely.
Her uniform, or what was left of it, was in shreds on her wrists under folds and in between her legs and various other places. Her stomach was easily half of her body alone it seemed for it was to Coracin he gauged around 5.5 ft”, next traveling up he saw two basketballs resting to either side of her mountainous stomach each one swinging too and fro, her face had puffed out considerably and resembled the Michelin mascot, her upper arms which used to be pretty powerful and muscular and able to toss even him despite having (or used to) 70 pounds on her were now each one rounder than his waist and propped her arms at almost a 90 degree angle, at each of her elbows were two massive folds, one on each arm that curved around into another small mound and her hands ending at her blimp arms looked like small sausages. Going to her lower half as he began circling her, her thighs would easily weigh twice as much as him on their own, her butt had grown itself a shelf which he could have sat on if he tried, and her butt itself he guesstimated to be at around 6 ft’.
“My god, he warned me this would happen, but, god damn, what’re we going to do with you now?” He asked her, with everyone watching and her eyes almost in pain she whispered “Feed me…”


Two weeks later, Susan sauntered into her sisters living room, looking for Helen, Sighing she looked in the master bedroom and heard the shower running. Slumping her shoulders she went to watch some TV. Over the time since they had grown in their being held against their will, Susan had gotten her breast reduction due to her growth and was now half her size she was back then. Running a hand along her breast on the right she loved the pleasure it gave her. Her big black breasts were almost her pride and joy but they came with an unfair price in her mind, constant staring. Guys would just look and look and look.
None tried to hide it and women all over the neighborhood and in the building always scowled at her no matter how times she tried to explain the situation that had happened. Susan also ran a hand along her mid section and behind feeling the new softness. She almost always worked out but due to her new assets, she had to cut back dramatically and was gaining some weight.
“Susan dear I’ll be right there.” Helen called as she stepped out of the shower. Susan chuckled and shook her head and went back to watching TV. 15 minutes later Helen shambled out. Her upper body had grown to compensate for her oversized rear over the two weeks time. Her breasts were only a third the size of Susan’s but a LL cup was still pretty big. Her butt had shrunk due to some new exercises she had been trying but she was still a long way off from what she used to look like.
Plopping her self on the couch the whole apartment shook and the couch lifted slightly with Helen’s weight on her end. “Jesus! “ Susan cried “I thought I asked you to stop that!” Helen chuckled now and said “I know, but its fun to watch you bounce around.” Helen replied pointing at Susan’s bouncing boobs.
Scowling Susan started channel surfing and stopped on channel three to see what was going on in the local news. “Today we report from the downtown area of an almost tragic event, an unknown woman was found left in a building on her own with about a weeks worth of food and was only discovered by accident by three teenager’s that just happened to stumble onto her.” The camera shifted to a view of the woman, she was massive in proportions. “As you can all clearly see she is beyond morbidly obese and seems close to almost suffocating in her own body. Luckily for her she claims she managed to shift herself to rest on her front so as not to suffocate. Her measurements the police team took put her at 156-132-178, which is normally beyond anything humanly possible, our other part of the story concerns two of the teens who had happened to find her.”
Going outside the cameramen focused on two very chucky young girls both wrapped in a blanket. “We just found her by accident. We were exploring some of the tunnels when we heard moaning. Following the sound we ended up finding her. She was moaning constantly and the only thing we could get out of her was ‘food’ she we ordered 3 555 pizza orders from Domino’s and we each shared about one and a half and gave her the rest but her arms were too short now to reach her mouth so we started feeding her, our friend, Mat just sat and watched us with almost pure disgust and refused to help her. After finishing her 4th pizza we heard a cry of surprise from Mat and we looked at him and back to the fat lady who now had a look of almost euphoric pleasure and we noticed each of ourselves bloating up like balloons and that’s when we got to the nearest phone and called for help.” The Anchorman returned the mike to his mouth and said “So how much have you gained do you think due to this event? Also do you think you can return to your former selves?” The girls glance from to one to another and the second one said, “Well, I’ll say this much, I put on at least 150 lb’s, the only benefit was my boobs going up 4 cup sizes.”
“Turning back to the camera the anchorman said “There you have it, we have an unknown cause for three women suddenly gaining tremendous amounts of weight, We at Channel Three news believe there’s a link between this and the previous att-” Susan clicked it off.
“Well that was entertaining.” Helen smirked, Picking up her behemoth body she stretched her arms and legs as best she could, even with her massive proportions. Susan just smiled at her older sister and said, “Well, there’s one thing we can’t figure out and there’s only one thing annoying me.” Helen looked at her puzzled and said “What’s that?” Susan smiled at her cleavage and said “That I’m no longer the holder of the two biggest boobs in the world.”
Laughing with a good humor to it, Helen said, “Well you may have the biggest boob record anymore but you’ll be getting the biggest body slam of all times!” and stomped towards Susan. “Helen, no, don’t you daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare!!” Susan cried as Helens big black body blocked the lights.
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